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Sunday, 08 March 2015
The Armed Man links bands on other sides of the planet.

The band secretary gets quite a few emails from different people and places, but was surprised to receive one from the other side of the world. The content was even more surprising.

Last November, Harborough Band performed Karl Jenkins 'The Armed Man' with Harborough Choral Society , a great concert and great experience for the band, choral society and the audience, all of whom enjoyed this venture by 2 of Harborough's top musical groups. Once the concert was over, the music, hired for the performance, was collected in and returned, after which we thought no more of it.

The email, from WA Brass - The Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia Brass Band , revealed that, quite by accident, one of the Harborough band players had left 2 pieces of music in with the Armed Man Music, and the next band to receive this set of music was WA Brass in Western Australia.

We were relieved to hear that the music had been well looked after, attending barbeques, and eating ice cream (choclate stains aside), but they had ensured it had not been paddling!

WA Brass made contact and the music has now been re-united with Harborough Band, and is resting after its epic world wide journey. - many thanks to our friends down under.

One final twist in the tale is that whislt Harborough Band were performing 'The Armed Man' with Harborough Choral Society at Robert Smyth School, one of our members was on holiday in Australia. Dedicated as he is he decided to keep his lip in by visiting a local band, which just happened to be WA Brass!

Coindcidence aside, we are grateful to our fellow bandsmen at WA Brass fofr looking after and returning our music - this goes to show how friendly and world wide the brass band community is.

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